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the “Enchantment" room

Our Boutique of dreams

Our two “unconventional” bedrooms are situated at the opposite ends of the Villa. No words can describe the hard work that went into transforming them into elegant and cozy rooms ....”But beautiful things are made with lots of love and patience…”

In the “Fairytale” room, the house of fairies, positioned in the Villa’s tower, you will find the colour of the forest, a few deers, warm lights, milk churns, the famous Snowwhite’s mirror and a romantic canopy bath. The room offers a panoramic view of the valley and with a bit of luck you might also see some fairies!As soon as you come in you will immediately understand why we called it “Fairytail”.

In the “Enchantment” room, the house of elves, positioned on the ground floor of the Villa, you will find the colour of the earth, wood and stones which will give you the feeling of warmth, family and roots. Warm and low lights around the Motessorian’s bed, a funny cow and a pillow made of hay will make your children happy. This suite room is very relaxing and comfortable because it has a beautiful panoramic view of the garden, and with a bit of luck you might spot some elves!

There is a lot of magic in our home, both inside and outside. Lanzo is an ancient town that was established before the Middle Age, for this reason we have available books about the famous “Devil’s bridge”, witches and other creatures belonging to the Forest surrounding Lanzo. In the atmosphere of the valley, our home and garden combined together have something magical about them, which we have reflected in the names of our rooms.

Lovelies breakfasts

I am a very creative person and I love to share my creations. Breakfast is the perfect time for me to do so. The very friendly atmosphere allows you to discover my little surprise compositions. For breakfast I only use local produce and I have a selection of different crockery that allows me to free my imagination and create a personalized ensemble according to the type of guests and the creative spur of the moment.

My children are here with me to help and assist you, they also love to keep you company, if you like. Our adorable dog and our friendly cat might also join you for a quick hello, but only if you want them to. The wooden fireplace will be lit during the cold months, warm and low lights will surround the Villa all year around!

We welcome you

Who are we? We are a family of five: my husband Stefano, myself Charline and our 3 children, Gioele (2018), Léonie (2021) and Rose (2022). Stefano is an engineer and I am an ex emergency care nurse who finally achieved her dream of owning her own B&B. We take great pleasure in helping you discover, visit and fall in love with our town and region! So many niceties and surprises to make you “unplug” are awaiting you here with us! “La Francesina” is a little corner of paradise, hidden in one of the most beautiful Medieval towns of Piedmont!







La Francesina ieri, La Francesina oggi...

Our story begins on the 15th May 2019, when we decided to buy this abandoned Villa which was left unhabited for 5 years… We immediately fell in love with this historical and elegant Villa with a breathtaking view!

Our original plan was to buy an allotment and build a prefabricated wooden home there, we love the authentic and noble look of wood.. It was by pure luck that we found the Villa and its location and graceful look immediately sparked our curiosity! As soon as we stepped into the garden we were amazed by its beauty and originality! The peculiar bordeaux colour, the liberty style murals on the walls, the tower which reminded us so much of the Sleeping Beauty Fairytale and last but not least the stunning view of the surrounding valley completely bewitched us. All this harmonious ensemble has woken in us a feeling of admiration and we fell utterly in love…

However, this house was the opposite of our original plan of having a ready-built house with keys in hands within a short amount of time. But we were so enchanted by the beauty of the Villa that the renovation works didn't discourage us, to mention a few of the issues we faced: no car access available, all interiors to be rebuilt maintaining the original materials, 80% of the Villa to be completely renovated….basically we were going to have a massive building site!

The amount of work needed had previously discouraged other buyers, maybe we just had that little bit of craziness needed to undertake the challenge. We started this project with courage and enthusiasm together with my husband's talent and my everflowing creativity and that’s how the Villa had its second chance . We are calling it “our masterpiece” and it fills us with pride and joy.

After months of hard work and days of planning and after having broken it down brick by brick to rebuild it in the best possible way…La Francesina was completed and was finally ready. La Francesina is both our main home and our beloved B&B, where you will discover two rooms with individual decorations, the marvelous breakfasts and our well looked after and colourful garden, and if you wish, you can also cuddle our adorable pets!
You are more than welcome to come and meet us , relax and let us pamper you and to let us help you experience the magical atmosphere of this place nestled between the mountains above the clouds. It is our pleasure to show you the different available activities and experiences you can find here…There is something for everyone!

Our services

The classics

Hospitality, We are available for any enquiries , room service: change of sheets and towels, toiletries, breakfast, safe, luggage storage, babysitter, dog sitter service… and more!

Personal Touches

Welcome gifts and little gestures of kindness that will fill your stay with happiness!

ersonalised suggestions

We are very happy to show you the different local amenities: sport activities, shopping areas, unusual experiences, wellness treatments for adults, children or with animals.

Tailored stays

If you are planning a special stay (e.g.: wedding proposal, birthday etc..) don't hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.


In our pretty breakfast room you will find handmade gifts and high quality, locally made honey for sale!

  Pet friendly

We will happily welcome your pet (if it doesn’t eat our beloved chihuahua!)

"Live the Francesina experience at its best
in winter as well as in summer time..."
Boutiques, locations, events

Seasonal services available on advance booking

Wellness boutique

Ayurvedic massage, Tibetan bells, Reiki treatment and more….directly in your room!

Cutural Boutique

During your stay you can take part in creative workshops organized by local professionals.

creative Boutique

Local artists organize creative experiences for our visitors.

natural Boutique

Natural workshop with Montessorian activities organized by qualified teachers.

sports Boutique

Sport activities such as: pilates, yoga, fitness….directly in the Villa’s garden guided by professional in their field.

Photograph Boutique

Photographic services for business or for special events (wedding, pregnancy, new born, photographic books…) in our fairytale location.

"Meeting with local characters, wonderful experiences...
... our top activities !"

Unusual e-bike encounters

with anexpert guide through stunning landscapes

Climbing the devil’s bridge

or on ice with an expert alpine guide

Tour of the curious middle age village

on your own, a short walkable distance from the Villa

Sensory apiary

directly from our neighbour the beekeeper

Jump into the 20s

in a special house in the town

An evening in Naples

in a famous historical pizzeria 10 mins by car from the Villa

Discovering an enchanted place

a restaurant in an old mill in the neighbouring town

Dress your children at the VIP!

a local green initiative, unique in our national territory!

A cappuccino at Snow White?

in Ala di stura

An aperitif at Alice in Wonderland?

in Ciriè

Coffee time in a sewing shop ?

 in San Maurizio

Visit the Versailles’s gardens ?

in Venaria Reale

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Gift ideas !

If you want to make someone happy, for a special occasion or simply to take a souvenir home with you, don’t forget that we offer handmade products made specially for you by myself or local artists. Our gift vouchers can be personalised!
100% "Home made with love"
  • Ceramic Objects
  • Ceramic necklaces and keyrings
  • Postcards, bookmarks and handmade jewelry with watercolour
  • Earthenware pictures
  • Honey or honey based products and beeswax
  • Gift cards (long-stay, nights away, breakfast, massages, workshops etc..)